Minnesota Women Ceramic Artists is a professional organization that supports women ceramic artists in Minnesota. MNWCA provides its members opportunities for exhibiting, networking and mentoring throughout their ceramic careers. MNWCA also furthers the creative and professional development of its members.
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Welcome to Minnesota Women Ceramic Artists!

Membership is open to women ceramic artists of all levels, living/working in Minnesota. For more information, please visit the about/contact page. 

Upcoming events

Please check again soon for upcoming events

NCECA is coming to Minnesota in March 2019! There will be an abundance of opportunities to exhibit work, many of which have application deadlines rapidly approaching. Stay tuned here and visit our Facebook page for upcoming deadlines.  

Deadline: January 21

Send us your best images for our NCECA proposals. 

Help us look good for the NCECA exhibition proposals jury! We're preparing proposals for exhibitions to be held during the NCECA national conference (nceca.net) in March of 2019. We need examples of member work. Thanks in advance! Send .jpg images to the following email address: kimberleejoyroth(at)gmail(dot)com. 

Image size: ideal size 800 kb (we can downsize if larger)

Include the following image details: 

- Artist first name   - Artist last name   - Date of piece

- Title of piece   - Brief image description

- Size: height x width x depth   - Clay type

- Firing/Decoration method

Deadline: January 31

Individual members are encouraged to submit individual or small group proposals: 

If accepted, NCECA representatives will work with you to secure a gallery location. Proposals are due January 31. Visit nceca.net for more information and a prospectus. 

MNWCA Members in Exhibitions

Carolina Niebres, "Painting and Pottery", The Alexander House Center for Art & History, 1131 Wisconsin River Drive Port Edwards, WI 54469, November 17, 2017 - January 2, 2018


Members: please submit your news to mnwca.communications@gmail.com (mark subject as "member news item").

Lynnea Schwieters, Porcelain ^9 oxidation, Mishima, underglaze, artist template, resist technique.
Lynnea Schwieters, Porcelain ^9 oxidation, Amethyst Swirl cups, Mishima, underglaze, artist template, resist technique.
Colleen Riley. Ice cream bowls, 2016. Soda fired stoneware, wax resist design.
Colleen Riley. Tumblers, 2016. Soda fired stoneware, wax resist design.
Amanda Dobbratz, group of shot cups, 2016.
Amanda Dobbratz, double cactus basket, 2015.
Amanda Dobbratz, berry bowl with drip tray, 2015.
Christy Wetzig, Bird pitcher
Christy Wetzig, Locust vase, 2016
Colleen Riley. Rain vase, 9.5"h, soda fired stoneware.
Glynnis Lessing. Sgraffito jar, porcelain.
Three Wavelets. Earthenware, slab formed sculpture. 30" x 13" x 4". 2013 Depicts the fluid motion generated by layers of recirculating flows, eddies and vortices in river tributaries.
Twin Twisters. Earthenware, slab formed sculpture. 8" x 11" x 9". 2013 An inherent tension resides in the spiraling motion, twisting in opposite directions.
Twin Twisters. Earthenware, slab formed sculpture. 8" x 11" x 9". 2013 An inherent tension resides in the spiraling motion, twisting in opposite directions.
Gyrus. Earthenware, slab formed sculpture. 12" x 12" x 14". 2013 A bilateral symmetry of spiraling claws evokes energy uncoiling from its larger exoskeleton.

MNWCA 2018-19 Board of Directors:

Co-Presidents: Kimberlee Roth and Monica Rudquist

Exhibitions: Eileen Cohen

Secretary: Denise Tennen

Treasurer: Karen Brown

Programming: Judith Yourman, Marjorie Pitz

Events: Kristine Hites

Communications: Colleen Riley 

Public Relations: Lynnea Schweiters

At large: Donna Ray

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