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Kathleen Crook


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I have been making pots since 1980 when a ceramics class railroaded my journalism degree. Always part time and always creating. I am also painting and making jewelry.

My journey of becoming an artist is more important to convey than listing the accolades that we read about on artist statements. I remember being about 9 years old and thinking that I wanted to be an artist. But the kind of things that I hear from people now were going through my head, like, I have no ability. Making art in my mind was drawing a perfect rendition of a fox or a tree. Making pottery was an experience that brought me to realize that I was capable of creating. And that is what art is about, channeling the creative and taking it to a place where we can share it.

My ceramics are made in my own home. Influenced by Italian Maiolica ceramics
Clay used
  • Terracotta
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  • Functional
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  • Electric, low-fire oxidation
  • Throwing
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  • Tile Making
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